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Midori Kuroba, the fanciest wolf girl! Also known as Mayor Kibbles.

((Formerly Chinchilla Shogun Xam))
First of all, I'm doing a lot better today than I was yesterday, so thanks to those who were concerned and comforted me. I just got a few things going on right now, nothing negative mind you, that I felt like talking about. =O

It sucks that Valentine's day is in two days. I have a couple of different fictions I'd like to do for it if I can get the motivation. One of them is for my boyfriend. You see, he did one for me for Valentine's day and gave it to me early. It was so incredibly sexy, it drove me up the wall! So I'm going to be posting that on a couple of sites, mainly fur affinity and inkbunny. Why those two? There's a sex scene and deviantart doesn't like explicit porn. -w-; So I want to do something in return for him. Also, as a bit of a joke I plan on doing a fiction shipping Rainbow Dash from MLP with :iconminalhan: 's character Princess East Stern. I figured Valentine's day would be perfect for that, but meh, might be delayed because my man is my priority. ^^ Hear that Mina? I made a joke, you countered, and now I intend on delivering. ;P 

I'm currently writing a book with my boyfriend and unfortunately I didn't work on it over the weekend when I really needed to. But as you saw in my last journal, my weekend mood didn't go as planned. >.>; So that's something I hope work doesn't sap my motivation for. Somehow sitting around doing nothing for eight hours breaks your spirit in wanting to do anything constructive. >_< Today I accomplished a couple things though. I finally got all my DLC back for Smash bros and Mario kart, and I even re-downloaded Freedom Planet and Pikmin 3. With all that done I was able to catch up on a couple animes before the day was done, and even get some gaming in.

Damn, I can hear the fan failing on my computer as we speak. I need to save up and get a new one ASAP, but with the ending of my lease coming up I'll need to make a deposit on a new apartment, and I still need to get my license and registration renewed. Ugh, money why? >_< 

Sorry, small spur of the moment tangent there. ^^; Anyways, anything else? Couple of things. One is that I'm going to make a separate post for my honorable mentions from my top 25 video game girls list, and I hope to seen start coming out with my 25 cartoon girls list. And one more thing is that I have made something... a personal mission of mine. You see, there is this book series called "THE WHEEL OF TIME". It's a fantasy novel that started way back in 1990, and not too long ago the series finally finished with book 14 with the help of a new author that finished the series with a mountain of notes left by Robert Jordan, the original author who died while writing book 12. Now here is the fun thing about this book series: It has a lot of BDSM and Spanking in it, primarily in later books, minus the ones made by the new author.

But the problem is.... NOBODY, AND I MEAN NOBODY, CAN FIND THEM!!! Okay, that's an exaggeration, but let me explain my experience here. I heard from Circe way back when we were close that the series had spanking, and lots of it. I looked into this and eventually found a blog where someone was finding every mention of spanking in the books and posting the scenes with explained context. At first it was mentions and stuff that happened off screen, but it got better and better as it went! But this blog suddenly went silent for a couple years, and now it's completely vanished! I discovered a spanking index that was trying to find all the spankings in literature, like this blog was, but the index was a project that the makers ceased working on. Even though it still exists, the only mention they had of The Wheel of Time was basically... "We don't know where it is specifically? But it's in there! Lots of it!" GEE! THANKS! =I And the only people that talk about it are people discussing the degrading of women, and whats up with this, ect. So now there is nowhere on the internet that I can find that mentions which page of which book I can find spanking scenes on, let alone gives any details! And this has progressively bugged me FOR YEARS!
:iconconfoundyouplz: :iconcronaisnotamusedpls:

So finally I decided to take matters into my own hands and start reading this award winning series! Four opening pages of tiny text describing the scenery later I was drifting to sleep. And three chapters in I had no idea who was who. There was so many characters, so many unnecessary names, and no distinguishing features! For a guy that likes describing the scenery, he sure didn't like describing the characters! >_< I couldn't do it, but... I want to like this series! I read the wikipedia articles on each book and it sounds legitimately fascinating! And while I won't deny that I want to see the spanks and be able to tell others about them, that's only, like, 60% of my motivation. >///> So my boyfriend did me a favor and got me the audio books! It will be a slow process. Like, INCREDIBLY SLOW. These audio books average at around 30 Hours per book depending on the length. @_@ But I will "read" this series and I will find those spanks! This I do SWEAR! AS THE QUEEN OF SPANKING!!! DX

So yeah, that's some stuff I got going on. I'll see what I can do over the next few days, since, my boyfriend might be missing due to a snowstorm in his area with the force of a category 2 hurricane. But point is: Today was a good day, and I'm working on some stuff. So yeah, woot. -w- Hope you all are successful in your own personal endeavors, and wish me luck in mine! :D

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Hiya. It's Nikki, from Okami's stream.
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Well hello there friend! I'm so happy you contacted me. Now we can catch up. ^w^
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Thank you. I hope to do more with her in the near future. ^^
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